From Sound to Form.(art77blog. Nr.357)

From sound to form


Remember last week.(#art77blog Nr.356) when I followed the way of working out the „calabash“-Almost halfway happened a strange thing. I was reading for the first time in my life about art sociology and art politics. What I knew before were the positions of the ideological critical Frankfurter Schule including Walter Benjamin, Jürgen Habermas,  Georg Lukacs and some more- What I read now was quite different. #Howard Becker in his book „art worlds“ focussed on the production of art works and everybody who contributes:to that: galleries, museums, educators, consultors,curators, collectors and so on. It was this importance of PRODUCTION that made me change my mind. Now I tried to perform the calabash in the best way I could, employing the sound only to control the development from time to time.Because I dont use machines, it was a real challenge for my craft as wood carver. And it was so completely new to find words to describe this microprocess. I have to think about that.

Anyhow I felt like back to the roots of art: craft. My next job is to connect the performance of the calabash with the growing sculpture. It will probably be an attempt to balance the formal levels of all parts.

#Howard S.Becker. „Art World“. Berkeley 1982.

#Very important is the lecture of Tom Bevers: Zum Verhältnis von Kunst, Geschiche und Soziologie. In:Halbertsma, Marlite and Zijlmans ,Kitty (ed.) Gesichtspunkte. Kunstgeschichte heute (Reimer  1995)  p.197-218.