Catch an artsy thought …(art77blog.axel-von-criegern.Nr.300)

I am excited about what happens in our brain when we practice art. The day before yesterday I painted a  landscape in the late afternoon light (fig.1) I tried to catch the hazy atmosphere with a spread of pastel-colors. When I finished, I wasn’t content at all. The result was too light and lacked dramatic tension. Unconsciously I had referred to my basic art experiences with grids (sketch on insta july 25)). But strong enough? Yesterday I made a  new attempt. This time I covered the paper with layers of colors close to the natural impression. I had no particular model in my mind. A major problem was the difference between lower and upper half. To give the upper part weight and structure without destroying the character of ‚sky’. It was a real battle!!(fig.2) But I had definitely a good feeling: „I can make it!“ An hour later I layed both paintings down on the floor to compare the results. And I felt  doubts coming up: was the second approach really better?

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