Learning by doing- Lernen durch Handeln?

I am deeply convinced that this concerns particularly art.


iPhone shot 02.03.2017. Certainly not art, but special.

„You press the button- we do the rest“ was the famous commercial of Kodak at the end of the 19th century. Does this already mean doing, handeln? Yes it is an esthetic action in many respects. It starts with looking, awareness and “ focussing“. In foto -shows you have probably often asked yourself what that has to do with art. This issue has been raised since the very beginning of fotografy in early 19th century. In our brain we have still the two separate continents art and fotografy. Only when we recognize some special effects or xxl formats we are willing to speak of art. But we should not forget that there are advantages of fotografy to art: the promptness and „hot line“ to the here and now. Developments go to smaller, faster , elaborated cameras and unlimited storage. And this opens a door to the famous „Everybody is an artist“ by Joseph Beuys and others. And it is certainly a precious tool for our modern esthetic education. Don’t you think so? 

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