The artists fingerprint

Southern landscape, acrylic paint on canvas

Sitting on the steps of the staircase in our home drinking a cup of tea I watch a landscape painted a couple of years ago. And I can ‚read‘ the concept of my way of painting :

lines separated from colors /  colors approximately taken from nature/ colors anchored on lines / lines and colors interact in a rhythm close to motifs/ interaction reaches from handwriting type of drawing to dots of color/ composition following more or less the renaissance concept of a window (Leon Battista Alberti,1404-72)/ always a battle of spreading and centering/ there is also the opposition of yin and yang, male and female, swaying colors and crossing, penetrating lines/ rising upon  a musical structure ,abstract even when following the natural look of persons , beasts, plants , scenes, actions/ this invisible structure gives hold to all my artefacts, whether they stand still or move, have two or more dimensions.

This structure is individual me -and -you, personal and unmistakable like a FINGERPRINT.

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