30) Variations are vitamins for art

Producing series, vary subjects, invent new solutions and ask new questions are essential motors of art. This is not to misunderstand as image neurosis of single artists or artist pretenders. It is much more. I realized that the last days, when I decided to continue working with an iPhone screen-drawing ( post „As time goes by“, Febr. 9, 2017) using now a black acrylic marker ( molotow).

When you decide to do that you open the safe of art history and humanities and start to enjoy it! There is Claude Monet with the cathedral paintings; studies of facial expressions  by Caracci, Rembrandt, Mesmer ; there are Mondrians and Picassos reductions of naturalistic images ( apple tree, bull) into minimal lines. You may also look at product design like cars ( real campaigns) or commercials for cigarettes without naming product or brand. Enjoy it!

By the way, some of those inkjet and acrylic drawings will be shown in the gallery of the Künstlerbund Tübingen from 04.03.2017 to 08.04.2017 („Grafik III“).

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