Full moon

Saturday night was full moon. My wife shouted : “ Come and see!“ Ok! Ok! But the moment I saw the moon in fight with clouds passing the steeple of the nearby church, I was caught by this ‚motif‘. And of course does it make sense: I am not a farmer who is familiar with the importance of the moon periods for seeds and plants. And I know little about the goddess moon and her mythical, healing, haunting,or magic power. What I remember is a child staring at this shining plate and trying to figure out how the face of the man up there looks like. And what I know for sure is that the full moon was and is still a very romantic motif in painting, illustration and poetry in Europe. And I remember C.D. Friedrich, Spitzweg, Goethe, Blake, E.T. A. Hoffmann… It is hard not to see what you have been taught, isn’t it?

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