26) Parallel worlds (7): Utopia

It’s not only the look but also the positive view of the world that shows that the birthday of  the Tuwos is not far away from that of Asterix. But they don’t have the romans as eternal adversaries. So their adventures are more or less casual. It was in the nineties that a battle of two Tuwo tribes over an actual pollution problem took place.

On one side were the city Tuwos which were noisy and didn’t care for natural resources and sustainability. On the other side in the surrounding wood  lived the forest Tuwos.

They sent two elders to complain in a polite but distinct way about noises, dirt and putrefaction. But the city people laughed and humiliated the old men.

The „green “ Tuwos decided to  plant over night trees and let nobody of the city people get out of town.

First panic broke out among the citizens, but soon they organized recycling almost everything.

One day the forest Tuwos made an experiment. They shot with bow and arrow small trees over the walls.

The city Tuwos took the chance and planted the little trees. People loved to walk in the growing parks.


Life became so peaceful, that at night the guardian at the big gate fell asleep. The green Tuwos entered carefully the city and rested under the familiar trees.

Soon they also slept. Imagine how the citizens were surprised in the morning. Although they didn’t know each other, they started to spend time together and have fun.


Later the mayor of the city and the chief of the forest Tuwos signed a treaty on good neighborhood and sustainability. And soon there were citizens who loved to live in the forest and green Tuwos who made a living in the city.

„Utopia“ refers on a book of Thomas Morus (1478-1535) „De optimo statu rei publicae deque nova insula Utopia „, which again has its roots at the „Timaios“ by Platon.

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