Parallel worlds (6) and children

  1. To watch children playing and listen their stories is a pleasure  for most artists. Children are curious, they wonder, ask, look and talk frankly. If you want to reach them stories are the best.  You have to fascinate them. This is both, easy and difficult. They are simply different. It made me smile watching my 9 years old granddaughter, a really brilliant young lady talking seriously to her barbies. Is that the same girl that five minutes ago explained and demonstrated what a screenshot is?When I developed the idea for the „Tatort Tübingen oder das  gefährliche Leben des Wachtmeisters Glotz“ I wanted to tell the kids that ‚police ‚ means more than law and order. Maybe that my way seems to be strange, but they like it.
  2. The constable Glotz is horrified by an order that he has to do his job no longer on car, but walking through downtown. He has a terrible dream. A gang of young people is chasing him, playing evil pranks and doing forbidden things. When the torture comes to an end throwing him into a dark cave he wakes up .sweating and shivering.  But there is no  darkness and threat!  The sun is shining in his bedroom   and he hears the children in  the kindergarten laughing and chatting. At the end the brave policeman envites them all  to an icecream.
  3. That was 1987. But I never lost my  trust in the enlightenment! 
  4. Axel von  Criegern, Tatort Tübingen oder das gefährliche Leben des Wachtmeisters Glotz; Tübingen (Osiander), 1987

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  1. Grazie di lettura e consenso. Il mondo dei bambini ‚e sempre
    una fontana di meraviglie. Tante belle cose suo Axel .C.

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