25) Parallel worlds (5): Loss of reality?!

If an artist creates a parallel world, she or he do experience what creation means. You have to invent  this new world. Errors are inevitable. You will realize that you are on a one way road and you may end with a hubris or mania. Symptoms of a mania will be if you can’t stop developing your private parallel world before including everything. I realized that when we studied fables in an  illustration research project. Immediately I started to transform Aesop fables into „Tuwo “ fables. Our vacations at the cote d‘ azure became Tuwo vacations. I even developed a concept for a Tuwo Research Institute . This sounds like an obsession and a loss of reference to reality. Certainly it is. But we should keep 😎, because creativity is inextricably bound up with dreams, imagination and fantasy , isn’t  it?!


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