Parallel worlds (3): Back to the roots

„Tuwo“; Travertin, Swabian Alb,/ Germany, about 30.000 B.C.
„Tuwo“; Flooded wood, Bergen/Norway, about 500 A.D.

What the Tuwos learned from this unpleasant experiences was to search for their origins and to reconstruct their history. They could identify very old and very enigmatic archaeological finds as Tuwos. Very clearly had their ancestors settled all around the world; discoveries that gave the Tuwos a history and made them very proud.

We are so much used to our system of history and art history, that we have difficulties to classify the art of any parallel world. But remember that our history of art is by no means plain and transparent: think about the thousands of years after the Stone Age or the migration period, periods of cultural darkness, iconoclasm, art prosecution for political, religious, economic, racial  reasons. We know little about the history of the Tuwos, but they certainly had and have their dark sides too; remains the hope, that they learn from our ‚ parallel world ‚.




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