"…save it for a rainy day!"

Sometimes re-reading the heroes of study- times is surprising. The word “ Einfühlung“ (empathy) hit me this grey december morning when I paged through Wilhelm Worringer’s “ Abstraktion und Einfühlung“ from 1907. In my study years Worringer wasn’t our first choice. But right now with my intention to investigate art practice and its impact on everyday experience his thesis becomes suddenly important. The basic idea is, that if you look empathic on a human being, animal, landscape, you increase not only your knowledge about people, nature or object, but also about yourself. Alright, this grey morning I looked through some older pictures without any particular interest, when one of the paintings caught my eys. It is probably 15-20 years old. I remember the style. In this very moment it was as if the sun broke through the haze. Colors, vitality and narrative began to light my melancholy and made me come return to this bright and amazing world. 

‚ Einfühlung ‚ in ein früheres Bild kann zu einer veränderten Sichtweise und Stimmung führen. Hier half sie bei der Überwindung einer sich gerade festsetzenden Melancholie.

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