21)Motivation- a note on Christmas angels

Alublech- und Acrylfarbe, 2016
Alublech- und Acrylfarbe, 2016

My motivation to cut angels out of metal sheets was not really spiritual. It came from my lovely but not angel like wife, mentioning „why don’t you…?“ Ok, I did .After a while I liked it to cut metal in a way we know from clothes making; after that I played with colors, designs, robes, wings, body shapes, hairstyles.. To combine a very simple cut with decorative elements was my contribution to the world of angels, their spiritual and real existence. Angels are a product of religious and artistic culture. Can you imagine mediaeval religiosity and art without angels and can you imagine angels without the knowledge of Simone Martini, Fra Angelico, Jan van Eyck, Matthias Grünewald a. o.?

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