It's never too late!!

Engel mit Verständigungsproblemen
When I watched Scorsese’s movie about Bob Dylan I realized the significance of his relationship with the audience. It seemed that songwriting was less important for him than the question how to communicate with an audience. Certainly I am ot B.D. and I will not win a Nobel- price, but when I decided to blog thoughts on art by combining own texts and works, I couldn’t realize that communicating this little ‚pieces ‚ would become the most important part in the game. At first glance it were trivial things, that taught me to understand this. Hosting, publication and the change of server turned out to be more difficult than I could imagine before. It had a strong impact on the whole project. Every post  was a little work for its own and required its own particular decisions about image, text and communication in an unknown open space. I noticed that there were special rules, which I didn’t know and which were far off my experiences. That relativized my ideas about the importance and relationship between text and image completely. The most important issue is how to communicate them. But when I was exhausted and depressed I said to myself: „It’s never too late!“ and tried again. Maybe I should have better blogged about my lack of physical exercises, my sleeping habits or problems to become a vegetarian. 

Als Ich mich für einen Blog entschied, war mir nicht klar, welches Neuland ich betrat. Es war der Schritt aus der ich-Welt in eine Informationswelt, in der Inhalte in neuen Parametern erscheinen und wahrgenommen werden.

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