16) Art heals

img_2605 After an operation at the open heart I had the chance to recover in a rehabilitation clinic. There I realized how close art and life would be to me. I had taken a watercolor block, pencil and watercolors. Every day a picture arose. Even in a small selection of six pictures (out of twentyfour), the process of recovery is quite good to observe.

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Nr.2:A week later a memory of the clinic is urging in the drawing. From my room I had been able to watch the take offs and landings of helicopters on the clinic roof day and night. To see these gigantic insects on the building, which was built  with a lot of glass and metal, was exciting. I had no interest to capture the spooky nightly situations. I was rather concerned about the bizarre and unstable nature of architecture and flight device. It was the first picture which in a playful manner refers directly to the hospital stay.

(Nr.3:)The picture of the next day shows how deep such woundings really reach: a man , incapable of any movement in a spindle press, stares in the eyes of a bizarre creature. The pale meat red also has an opressive effect.

(Nr.4:)Four days later the insignia of a bishop- mitra and cripple- appear. I had studied St. Martin of Tours before and many pictures and sculptures had already been created. But I still had problems with this man (see post“ The goose bishop of Tours“). So it came that this figure „sneaked“ in the picture. Dominant are other elements, the central red moon face, the big heart, the stele. Below this an arm holds a figure whose ribs can be seen as in a radiograph. The four broken, banana-yellow ribs match this subject. You can imagine that the ribs are treated  very roughly in open heart surgery.

Nr.5:An obvious part of my reality were the fellow eaters. Fore three days in a row they were my subjects. They were the important step „outside“. In the first of these pictures a pianist, who had enriched the previous evening, can be seen in the upper left corner. I have presented myself as a clown, who tries to keep his heart, on which a large arrow points.


In the morning when I was dismissed, a last picture arose on which the heart seems to hover out of a world full of cheerful creatures. Now everything goes together: the successful operation, the joy of the world and its diversity, the pleasure to tell stories, the growing self-confidence, the feeling of security and ultimately the confidence in the power of the images.

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