12) 1968





A museums lady asked for some leftovers or relics of ‚ 68. Sure these were the most ecciting times in my life. But relics? More or less gone. I checked my portfolios with works   on paper. The only one dated 1968 is a harmless design on a  cake paper.  Nice, but it doesn’t stand for our  vibrations in a  historical thrill. It is only a weak reflex of the art-revolution of this year. I experimented with scrap metal, glass fibre and styrofoam. None of the results has overcome. Most of my designs of the early seventies refer to social political criticism, but in an incredible naive way. Hard to  believe particularly because I studied some political science before. The only acceptable from this ‚political‘ works is a pencil drawing dated 1972. In the larger part it refers probably to the all over present vietnam war. In the upper central part you can seee a cut out of Albrecht Dürer’s „Coronation of Mary“. Maybe this seems odd to you. But it is a true document of the view a young art teacher, art historian and artist had of a terribly torn world.

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