11) Its really hard to assess ones own artistic performance


2015 I painted in 2-3 days a series of four pictures with acrylic paint on canvas; three of them 70×50 cm, one 60x50cm (with the black figures at the left). My wife hang three of them in our livingroom, the fourth with its wild darkgreen brushstrokes on ochre and crimson didn’t pass the jury.Immediately after finishing the series the one with the big rose-pink cube („chicu’s house“) was my favorite. When hanging on the wall,visitors and friends favoured the one  with the stairs and the door in the center. With some imagination you can see at the left in the gray, red and rose dots a big wisteria ( glycine). This was the last of the series and it seemed to me rough and not really finished. Now as time goes by I begin to like it too. And the fourth one? It is forgotten before its history could begin…

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