My iphone camera became part of my brain


When I wrote ‚ Art is everywhere ‚ I focussed on our attention. I did not think about the part visual media play. This blog makes me experience my iphone camera as an extended brain function.

Example one:  watching tv I doodled on a paper strip, simply let mind and pen float. A few minutes later I decided to throw it in the waste paper bin. A second glimpse at the now already wrinkled paper made it attractive as a random product. And a final look through the iPhone camera added a completely new quality transforming it into a media object.

Example two : next day my wife pushed me to make up my wardrobe and buy a pair of pants. Strolling through the fashion shop I met those beauties without abdomen but graceful gestures. Pressing the button was like casting for a surrealistic art soap! Here they are: the models of our female beauty philosophy.

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