8) Freedom is not unlimited, randomly or unshaped.

The invention of central perspective in the 15th century Italy was not only a progress in design , but also for urbanism, science, visual perception, imagination, sociology, philosophy and even church. People began to realize that the creation of god followed rules to be scientifically researched.

Leon Battista Alberti (1404- 1472)  compared pictures with windows. Whatever we view through a window seems to be well ordered. It is amazing but what the following centuries researched and discovered could not completely change our vision and imagination. Canvas and screen are still automatically imagined rectangular.

For me personally very soon the concept of a stage became predominant. In and on an imagined stage everything had to happen. That is nothing else but an extended windows concept. In the fine art school I used a carton box as stage, crumpeld waste paper for figures and designed this arrangement.

35 years later I modelled figures and furniture in white clay, coloured them and arranged them on a wooden stage. Much easier is it to cut out photos and designs and paste them on cardboard. A real challenge for our imagination is it to cut, fold a whole stage, including persons and props, from a single sheet of thin aluminium and colour it then.

From time to time I remember the professional advice at school. Checking my grades, -acceptable in language and art, horrible in science and math-, the oracle pronounced that I had to be a stage or film director. Later as a student I dragged camera -cabels in a tv studio. The hysterical pseudo-glamour was dissuasive. The biggest advantage I  took from this experience was my wife, who worked there as a production assistant.
Assisting a tv production (1962)

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