6) Animation

imageThere are two major ways to deal with objects: either contemplating or acting. As an artist I suffer from a drive to move things, change their look, to copy and transform them in diffferent materials with various techniques, to deconstruct and analyze them. I remember the very first meeting of our illustration class some fifty years ago. We had to choose one of the objects being around and draw it. I didn’t really like this job. I decidet to take Photos of an antique head. I worked in black and white from any possible angle and in various lightings trying  hard to bring this white mass to life, to animate it. The word Animation from the latin ‚anima‘, soul, matches this passion perfectly, because it comes deep from my heart and soul.

Joining students drawing nudes one day, I took a handfull white clay and modelled the  young lady instead of drawing her. Later I painted the little statue with watercolour. That gave the 5-minutes study an erotic touch.

But we are not only actors and performers-we are also victims: just think about sex appeal and its animating effect!!

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