I am no graffiti-artist


… but I sometimes share the desperate desire to sign the world, to make it my world! Then I draw black lines over a color-photograph,cover things with a colorful carpet and special letters or even make them to construction- elements of new objects. And it happens that I ‚destroy‘ this way one of my paintings, that I can’t stand any more. There is a joyfull obsession of writing in a very personal way ‚beyond‘ letters; an energy of giving things structures and rhythm and a certain ‚horror vacui‘, a drive to cover surfaces, to give unnamed things names and meaning. I („it grew“) developed over the years a repertory of signs in continuous variations and a practice of employing it for a variety of purposes. ‚Texts‘ that make happy, courageous, adventurous, but also texts that tell of the fear to be left …

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