5) It looks so naive…!


Believe it or not:What looks like kids drawing is a ‚result‘ of decades of art activities. Here some, perhaps familiar, keywords of what happens in such a long life span:

1950-1959 typical school art striving towards naturalism. In the later teenage selfexpression and experiences with modern art.

1960-1970 trying to find in various studies and institutes the own place in the world of art

1970-1980 breakthrough of political reflections: the arts in a cruel world

1980-90 what is the real job of your personal art: illustration, independant work or match of historic art and own art?

1990- way back to the genuine elements of art–but not l’art pour l’art. A way to personal and relaxed art.

It seems as if Picasso’s saying that he started as Raffael and endet as a child, happened to be paradigmatic for our generation, but I wonder whether younger artists share this view today.




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