4) Sometimes really strange moments give birth to art

Reading on facebook about the birthday of my „analogue “ friend Peter Prange, I remember a very exciting experience we both shared. During a walk in spring 2009 he told me about Garcia Mendez, a portuguese woman who became one of the most remarkable personalities of the jewish world in the 16th century. In a certain moment I asked him what he thought of illustrated books. He was horrified. Since I had published one of my better books „Vom Text zum Bild“ (Deutscher Studienverlag, 1996),to this subject, we went on discussing this issue for 1 km or so. Then I offered  spontaneously to perform pictures without knowing the book already. After months it were about 40 drawings in pen and ink on handmade paper each 70×50 cm,exclusively dealing  with Garcia Mendez. When the book was presented (P.P. „Die Gottessucherin“.Kroemer-Knaur, 2009)


the first time,  we showed the drawings in the same room. A nice lady from the publishing house produced a so called live book. Peter wrote wonderful notes to every picture. You can still find it as „Die Gesichter der Garcia Mendez“ under www.droemer-knaur. de>livebook. More of the designs and the story of our „march“ you find in my book „Meine Bilder“. Ernst Wasmuth, 2009.

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