This morning i fell in love with -me

Eventually sunshine today! I decided to take pictures of two sculptures that you may have seen posted already before. Actually I wasn’t in my very best shape. After struggling with facebook and a legion of friends or so called friends I was troubled by the feeling of getting  somehow rid of my identity. Though there were some attraktive ladies asking for friendship. Flattering isn’t it? But after a while I realized that their ideas of art were not exactly mine. But right now it happened. My sculptures appeared in the bright light of the sun on the display of my i phone so beautiful, that I immediately fell in love with them. Amused I had to think of  the ancient sculptor Pygmalion who went crazy about the marble -lady he had just created. So that’s what old Ovid told us in his ‚ars amatoria‘. Ok, in my case it was not a female beauty and I needed  even a camera to become aware of the beauty- but anyhow! Once in this romantic mood I had to think of another famous myth: When Narcyssus saw his image on the surface of a lake, he was lost in self-love.  The same happend to me when I looked at the camera-display. And I felt really good. Narcissism seems to be an emotional base for an artist. Don’t you think so? But maybe you are less vain than I am…

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