5 Rein ins Netz!!

Can you imagine how it feels when your familiar world turns upside down? That happened to me when I read a book about the Silicon Valley (Christoph Keese, Silicon Valley, München 2014) . I realised that my continuous efforts to bring art and reality together, were more or less a search for the grail. I had missed the crucial insight that art is reality. The impulse for this knowledge came from the word „exponentional“ . I had never heard before that exponenti0nal processing and changes are the base of the digital world. Instead of a linear change, information spreads in all dimensions. Understanding this more or less, I realized that my passion for rasters , grids and  structures( see figures below, starting with a page from a study report ,1962)  has to do with this model. That art generally is in a way exponentional. Every dot, every line reaches out to reality and shapes reality. What disturbs me is, that it took such a long time to understand this :You probably don’t know that the title of the first book I published was „Struktur und Politik. Grenzwerte der Kunstpädagogik.“ (Berlin 1975).

Shortly after finishing the Silicon Valley- book   I experienced a second epiphany. My daughter gave me a small yellow book by the artist and author Austin Kleon, titled „Show your work!“ He encourages artists to blog and show there works and working processes as often as possible. For me was it the call to communicate my art experiences in a new way, not in books, papers and essays;but in a playful, light manner, far off from academic doctrins. More suitable to that what I practise as an artist and  achieved occasionally as writer. So I started blogging with the help of my oldest grandson Ben. Thank you Ben!

Some of my former,more „playful“ writings:

  •  50″Briefe aus der Ästhetischen Provinz“ , in:BDK-Mitteilungen 1988-2000
  • „…und er ist nur ganz Mensch,wo er spielt.‘ Zu Schillers fröhlicher Regression in den ‚Avanturen des neuen Telemach.“ In : B.Wichelhaus (Hg), Kunsttheorie,Kunstpsyhologie, Kunsttherapie, Berlin 1993
  • “ Ferdinand Hartmann, Hans Heinrich Meyer der Geheimrat Goethe und wir. Anmerkungen zu den Weimarer  Preisaufgaben.“ In: Schiementz/ Beilharz(Hg). Ins Bild gesetzt. Weinheim 1995
  • Das war Buri. Bilder aus einem vergessenen Leben; mit 21 Federzeichnungen, Tübingen: Heliopolis 1990


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  1. Lieber Axel, sehr interessante Gedanken und Hinweise! Aber wo steht Dein Name? Habe ihn nirgends gesehen…. Liebe Grüße von Deinem Fedder Rolf

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